Flash Non-Fiction Food Anthology Cover

Flash Non-fiction Food, 91 Very Delicious, Very True Short Stories

Fresh off the success of Flash Nonfiction Funny comes a piping-hot new take on the flash genre: Food. Working within a 750-word limit, each of these nonfiction pieces is driven by a hunger for something filling. Memories of an ill-fated birthday cake, contemplations on a family recipe, an embarrassing sauce spill on a first date-all of it true, all of it tasty.

“if you want to use it along with the book: I learned—and I learned well—how to tame the hunger in my belly. To fall asleep listening to the grumble.”

Also by Kristina Moriconi

In the Cloakroom of Proper Musings is a work unique in form. The story, fragmented by a combination of white space and fleur-de-lis, is a sequential chronicling of one woman’s joy juxtaposed alongside her need to survive.

In the Cloakroom of Modern Musings Cover